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Moong daal vada

Moong daal vada or pakoras are very common in Northern part of India, especially during winters but they have become quite popular in other parts as well. Having these vadas in monsoons or winters with a piping hot cup of chai or coffee is unbeatable. And what more? These vadas are not at all time consuming. They are best for party-time snacks, as they taste good even after they become cold. So no need to reheat them again and again and guests would really enjoy these "crispy from outside - soft from inside" vadas. I made them for one such party hosted at our home. It was the first time my husband's friends ( around 15-20 of them!!!) were coming home and i was nervous what to make for snacks ! So a phone call to "the all-time problem solver" ( MOM), and i was ready to rock the get-together ! Just to save me from the last minute embarassment ( if they dont turn out well!!! as i had never made these before), i tried it in a small quantity beforehand. It also helped me calculate the quantity and time i would need to make snacks for so many people at once.

Usually vadas are made from urad daal ( split or skinned ). These moong daal vadas can also be made from split or skinned moong daal or a mix of urad and moong daal. I made it with only skinned moong daal. You can even save the batter in air tight box in fridge and fry vadas as and when required. It usually lasts upto 5-6 days. You can be as innovative and do additions to the batter according to your choice. Add onions, green chillies, red chilli powder, corriander powder, corriander leaves, cumin seeds or powder, sesame seeds, aniseeds...It tastes great with anything ! And yes, dont forget to add "pepper" powder..:) 

So lets make some delicious spicy crunchy vadas ( they are also called "badas" in some parts)

Ingredients :

Moong daal - 1 cup ( soaked in water for minimum 4-5 hours. You can even soak it overnight). If you are using split moong daal ( chilke wali ), then wash the daal in water well, and remove the skins floating on top.
Green chillies - 5 chopped finely or according to taste
Corriander leaves - a handful chopped finely
Cumin seeds - 1 tsp
red chilli powder - 1/2 tsp
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp ( you can even cut fresh ginger - around 1/2 inch piece and garlic - 4-5 and add them to moon daal while grinding in mixer)
Salt - to taste ( i added rock salt, tastes better :)
Oil - to fry

Recipe :

Grind the daal in mixer, after removing all the water that the daal is soaked in. Don't grind it too smooth. A little coarse is better.
Add all the other ingredients to the batter and mix well. Batter is ready !
Heat oil in a kadhai and put small teaspoonfull of batter in oil. Alternatively, you can even make small round balls with hand and put in oil. Fry till brown and remove it on a kitchen tissue, so it soaks all the extra oil.
Garnish with chaat masala or pepper sprinkled on top.

Happy cooking :)

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