Tuesday 15 October 2013


I was wondering, there are soooooo many food blogs on the internet! You need to find a recipe? There is always one on google! I need not write a blog to make it stand out amongst rest. I  just want to contribute as much as my fellow home-maker chefs have done till now. I myself have borrowed recipes from Internet a lot of times and they have turned out super yummy. So my sincere Thanks to all those who take efforts to cook, click pictures and write about them, so it helps fellow cooks like us :)

Kitchen... Not me!!!

I was not at all a kitchen person until i got married recently in Feb 2013. Taking Home Science in college, baking a few cakes at home ( after taking cooking classes ) and helping my mother in the kitchen with making raitas or cutting vegetables is all that i was good at.
My husband loves to eat but i didnt know how to cook apart from the basic chapati-sabzi-daal ! I had a lot of time at hand and hence i started experimenting with food. Finding recipes, getting the ingredients and making something new became an everyday affair! I started enjoying cooking...
And then the phone calls started going to mom and sisters for new recipes, recipes made from leftovers and some real desi( local) ones. During the course, i started adding "my" twist to regular recipes and to my surprise, it worked!! Friends started asking for recipes, loved my photographs and that triggered me to start a blog.
I am sure there are a lot of you newlyweds like me who have been pampered like a princess at their homes and think cooking and kitchen work as a burden... But trust me, 8 months gone by and i must say - Its all worth it ! Infact i feel bad now that i didnt take interest in cooking earlier... I would have been a Masterchef by now :))

Dedicated to my Mother...

I have grown up watching my mother trying different recipes always. Her Dabba( Tiffin ) recipes are to die for, as she had to cook something new everyday for me and my brother. And i remember her packing a 5 dabba tiffin for my father every single day with a pickle/chutney and a sweet. I used to wonder where she gets all the ideas and energy from. There was no internet back then and no one to help her too! Now when i stay nuclear with my husband, and i have to pack dabbas for him, she inspires me :) This blog is truly a dedication to her....

Hubby Dearest...

And whenever i make a new recipe, all the eating experiments are on my husband :) Till date, whenever i make something new, he doesn't stop to praise me for it and yes, is my best critic too...As i am still mastering the skill, he has to bear with all the combinations of less salt - more lemon - very spicy - bittery....But he is always encouraging and we are a team ! He loves to eat, i love to cook :) What more can one ask for :)
And yes, we both love to "Click...Click"....So that's one exciting task we do when a dish is made.
I want to quote a dialogue here from one of my favourite movies ( Must watch for all food loving persons - those who love to cook and those who love to eat ) "Julie and Julia".
Julia never lost her temper because something boiled over, or collapsed in the oven. She was never horrible to her husband. Julia Child began learning to cook because she loved her husband, and she loved food and she didn't know what else to do with herself and in the process she found joy! I didn't understand this for a long time, but i do now.
Hope you enjoy my writings, recipes and the photographs ! Would appreciate your comments/ suggestions always.
Thank you,


  1. Aww! That is just a sweet and honest introduction! All the best to you Gauri! You have a way of finding joy in everything you do :-))

    1. Its friends like you that inspire me to do such things :) Thank you so much!

  2. What a delightful writeup, Gauri ! You made my day. :) What a charming pic of your mom, and vijjy with his fishnet.

  3. Gauri....excellent writing, superb snaps and most importantly amazing recipes. I tried the stuffed tomatoes and it turned out really well :) Thanks a ton!
    So so happy and proud of you :) I could feel your joy in ur words
    Please keep posting new delicacies, so that your little sister can get inspired too and learn from you

    1. Thank you soooo much for all these lovely words !!! Glad that you tried the recipe and it turned well...
      Yes, for sure will keep uploading more and more recipes. If you make/ learn something new, share the recipe with me too... would love to try it !

  4. My cousin suggested me to have a look on your blog ... And I must say it's really worth to have a look at your blog .. Like you, me too very away from kitchen . I always worried about how would I handle kitchen after the marriage. But thanks to you ... For my worries have at least reduced, though not vanished. I am sure your blog will help me a lot now as my "married" tag is just few months away, :-) :-)

    1. Hi Nisha, First of all Thanks for dropping by. And Congratulations on your nearing D-Day :) I wish you loads of happiness in your new life. Cooking is fun, when you take interest... Its just as any other hobby... you need to have passion for it!!! Infact, its been a year that i have started cooking and my hubby already calls me the "Kitchen Queen"..
      Thank you for your kind words, it encourages me to keep posting new dishes..


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