Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Experiences at Kasauli: A slice of heaven on Earth! Part 2 - The place!

A place to unwind, Kasauli already had started growing on us on Day 2. We decided to trek to the market and a few touristic places, to get a feel of the place. And we realized that this place was an abode of romantic walks.

An old couple enjoying the walk
Our romantic walk turned into a thrill when we lost ourselves strolling in the Heritage market and it was already past 7 pm. It does get pitch dark and the narrow 900 mts trek down the hill with no streetlights and wierd sounds of the monkeys seemed as much scary as thrilling. Thankfully, the Moon was shining for us and cellphone lights really come handy at times. Giving a deeper meaning to it, the walk made us realize that "Nature is a friend and fear is only in the mind".

Well, so the day went by catching glimpses of some lovely flowers along the way, paying a visit to the famous Christ Church which was inaugurated on 24th july 1853, the Monkey Point and Sunset point.

A beautiful residential property

To be honest, more than seeing the points i was enjoying the walks and that's what makes Kasauli beautiful. You don't have to rush here to see the famous places, you don't have to worry about missing going to point XYZ... The purpose of being there was just to be there! To feel the place, relax and "Feel good". 

Monkey-ing around

Established on 24th july 1853 by the same British family who established the town of Kasauli, this Christ Church contains imported Italian and Spanish stained glass windows. (we were not allowed to click pictures inside and fortunately when we went, there was a "Mass" going on). In it's mystical atmosphere, you can sit for hours together as it's majestic aura takes you in a different world altogether.

The well known Kasauli Club established in 1880 is located within the Indian Army premises and unfortunately, we couldn't see it from inside as it's a member-only entry. But the walk cross past it to the Sunset point was thoroughly enjoyable with cool air brushing past our skin. Every hill station has a mall road and this colourful market is a good evening walk and if you want to pick up some local stuff. The heritage market is nice too and gets crowded in evenings as everyone comes there for a cup of chai or to eat some jalebis and samosas :)

And as i said before, i can't keep away from dogs even on vacations. The best thing i saw in Kasauli was that most of the pet dogs were not leashed and none of the dogs were a problem due to this. I wanted to go and talk to some pet owners about their beautiful Pahadi dogs, but somehow didn't (I am always bad at initiating conversations :( ) But we did pay a visit to the Central Research Institute of India. Of course the lab visits require permissions, but we got to know that established in 1905, it provides training in microbiology and production and quality control of vaccines such as rabies. So someone who wants to gain some expert knowledge on dog and snake bites treatment, this is the place!

My Journey continues in the last (And most important part- Food!!!) Part-3...


  1. Hi Gauri, beautiful scenery and excellent pictures. Thanks for the tour. Glad to meet you and very nice of you to dropping by my blog with your very nice compliments. I'm following you.

    Have a nice day, regards.

    1. Hi Amelia, Thank you so much! :) Nice to meet you too

  2. Hi there, Kasauli is really beautiful! Glad that you liked the clicks...
    Well, i will surely participate, thanks a lot :)

  3. wow! such a lovely place...This church looks great with its architecture.Nice pics.......

    1. Thank you so much Amila, the church is really beautiful... definitely has an old world charm :)

  4. Amazing coverage of Kasauli, The walk above is Upper Mall, on the left of walkers is the House Waverly Cottage, The residential property is called Jatayu Kothi, owned by Mr. Prashar. Sorry to add little details to such a nicely covered Kasauli tour.

    1. Wow, the additions are surely welcome! Guess the next time we will take a tour around with you, so we know the finer details too, what say? :)


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